A Blendpaper brand

Blendpaper - Salto/SP - Brazil

Area: 98.000 m2

Colored papers, packaging papers and special papers for all Latin America


A pioneering spirit and innovation are hallmarks of our century-old history.

We mix our over-130-year-old tradition with the inventiveness of our experts, a heritage of accumulated knowledge and experience, combined with the restlessness that keeps us always ahead.

We have merged our precursor past with the restlessness that keeps us in the vanguard. Most importantly, we cannot forget that special ingredient that is part of our trajectory: the passion to produce one of the best papers in the world.

Each product developed in our factory is the result of the mixture of fibers, elements, and colors and above all, inspiration, all of which turn into something extraordinary.

The blend that turns all these elements into something unique and extraordinary has a name: Blendpaper.

The new brand is premised on preserving excellence in products and services, always delivering the best for you, our customer. Pulp-dyed papers, converted papers, packaging papers or special papers. Delivering the best will always be our commitment.

Since 1888 operating in Brazil, the Salto Paper Mill has become a development landmark in the country and a precursor in all Latin America. In a privileged area of 98,000 sq. m, where its premises preserve the architecture and historic setting of 19th-century buildings. We employ more than 400 people.

We offer a line of papers, highlighted by its huge variety of colors, textures, weights, and fine finishing. We offer a universe of possibilities and creativity in this amazing world of paper.

Our portfolio contains brands that are synonymous with their category, such as Colorplus®, Txplus®, Metalplus®, Vergeplus®, Clearplus®, Ultrablack®, Markatto®, FCard®, Fbond®, Cardplus®, Fine Label®, and Abrasive Paper®. Our products are distributed domestically and in more than 130 countries. Brands that serve the most diverse segments, artistic, graphic, industrial, handmade, and whatever else imagination allows.

We are experts, enthusiastic, visionary, and diverse. We are ingredients of a recipe that makes us pioneers.

Blendpaper®, the best combination of history, quality and paper!