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One of the most traditional, existing papers, the Vergeplus® line, proves that “classics never go out of style”. A paper with sober and subtle features, it has watermarks, various weights and colors.

Vergeplus papers are quite versatile; they offer excellent printability and accept all types of finishing styles.

Vergeplus® is widely used in artwork, dry techniques such as drawings made in lead and colored pencils. A must-have item on any lists of school materials and specialized courses. It is also commonly used for graphic work in corporate stationery, invitations, medical prescriptions, among others. Available in 10 classic colors: pastel tones, traditional red and sober black.

80 | 120 | 180 | 220 (Ônix, Rubi e Diamante)
66cm x 96cm (graphic format) | 30.5cm x 30.x5cm (scrapbook) | 21cm x 29.7cm (A4) | Custom formats
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