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Sumptuous and imposing papers with different textures at their base, these are the main features of Markatto®. A line of fine papers, in soft colors such as; white, cream and off-white with noble textures. Its embossing designs are inspired by classic patterns such as: waves, geometrics and lines.

One of the features of this line is its excellent printability, offering greater porosity, and consequently, better absorption of the ink. It also accepts any type of finishing styles.

Markatto® papers are highly desirable among professionals in graphics, designers, artists, craftspeople, and invitation designers, due to their excellent quality, beauty, and unique style. The sophisticated range of colors and variety of weights makes this line suitable for use in corporate stationery, invitations, sketchbooks, clothing tags, luxury packaging, and artwork.

Markatto® presents 6 types of embossing styles/textures:

  • Sutille: made entirely from virgin cellulose fibers, with smooth and non-coated or metallized surface. Available in Alaska, Ivory, Aspen and Majorca.
  • Originale: with watermark features, it gives subtlety and lightness to paper. Available in Bianco and Crema.
  • Stile: its waves applied to the surface of the paper create a natural and artisanal aspect. Available in Bianco, Naturale and Avório.
  • Finezza: its texture of parallel fine lines provides neutrality and a delicate touch to the product. Available in Bianco, Naturale and Avório.
  • Concetto: with geometric embossing in the shape of diamonds, it adds modernity and nobility to the product. Available in Bianco, Naturale and Avório colours.
  • Opaline: extremely white, rigid and press rolled papers, providing more smoothness to the surface and a whiter tone. Available in Ultra White, Microcotelê, Telado (linen), Dapple or smooth.
  • Edition: Special version of Markatto paper, made especially for Markatto blocks, offering greater strength and perfect adhesion to graphite.
Sutille: 80, 120, 180, 240

Originale: 80, 120, 180

Concetto: 120, 170, 250, 320

Stile: 100, 120, 170, 250, 320

Finezza: 120, 170, 250, 320

Opalina: 120, 180, 220, 225, 240, 246

Edition: 140, 200

66cm x 96cm (graphic format) | 50cm x 66cm (cardboard) | 30.5cm x 30.5cm (scrapbook) | 21cm x 29.7cm (A4) | Custom formats