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Papelaria Blendpaper


Colorful, Textured, Special papers, and in the format you need!

Check here all the options of paper lines, Colorplus, Markatto, Txplus, Vergeplus, Metalplus, Ultrablack, Fcard, and Fbond.

Our products are divided into 4 lines:

Colorful Sheet Packs

Packages of creative, pulp-dyed papers available in the following formats 21x29.7cm (A4) and 30.5x30.5cm (Scrapbook). Our products are perfect for printing, decorating, gluing, writing, folding, cutting, and everything your creativity allows.


Made to serve artists, enthusiasts, creative professionals, technicians, designers, and students for the most varied artistic applications. The recommended techniques are charcoal, colored pencils, crayons, pastel chalk, lead, and other dry techniques. Notepads have a sturdy base that serve as a clipboard and are very practical to be taken everywhere.

Cardboard Paper Sheets

Its 50x66cm format allows imagination to go far. The variety of colors, weights, and the metallic finishing contribute even more when creating. This line is highly recommended for schoolwork, cardboard crafts, spiral binding, artistic work, among other techniques.


Produced with 100% paper, folders are a great option when presenting academic and school papers, documents, projects, contracts, and everything that needs to be well preserved. Available in sober colors, they have an extremely elegant texture and are made with acid-free raw materials, which prevent your documents and photos from becoming yellowish over time.