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Just like the signature, or a registered trademark of a masterpiece, Signaplus® textures mark the creation of luxurious projects with a lot of personality. Signaplus has exclusive embossings to add a touch of personality and elegance to your projects. This paper is very suitable for printing, cardboard, invitations, corporate stationery, menus/menus, packaging, various types of artistic techniques.

Currently available in 6 beautiful textures in weights 180g and 240g and colors Opalina, Naturale and Los Angeles:


Rustic and striking, the design of this texture guarantees beautiful furniture designed in an organic way, forming a natural pattern, similar to tree bark, Sartoria is a texture full of personality.


As the name suggests, this texture brings a classic design with thin, discreet lines that form a pattern reminiscent of classic painting canvases, making it ideal for more sophisticated projects.


Gocci is an elegant texture that alludes to the prints of Italian brands, formed by a Zig-Zag type pattern. This texture stands out for its geometric, timeless and extremely neutral art.


The texture simulates the finish of steel molded with a forging hammer, where the depressions and elevations form organic and raw designs in just the right measure.


Just like the linen weave, this texture forms delicate, intertwined lines just like the texture of the fabric.


Nappa is a modern texture that alludes to leather skin, with moisture inspired by calfskin that provides luxury and beauty to the work.

180 | 240
66 x 96 cm | Bobina