A Blendpaper brand

If you have thought of colored papers, you have thought of Colorplus®.

Colorplus® papers are well-known for their high quality, wide variety of colors, weights, textures and color intensity. It’s no wonder the brand’s slogan is: “The real colored paper.”

One of the Colorplus® paper differentiators is to be pulp-dyed, which ensures uniformity and more purity of color due to the use of selected, high quality dyes, which are added directly in the pulper in the manufacture of paper, rather than added later. One of the advantages of paper being pulp-dyed is that the cuts are cleaner and do not leave those white edges that end up devaluing custom craftsmanship. The creases are the same color as the paper, resulting in flawless finishing.

Colorplus® paper is not double-sided, that is, the colors are equal and homogeneous on both sides of the paper because it is produced from 100% virgin fibers, not from shavings. The color remains the same regardless of the batch.

In addition, Colorplus® papers are produced with imported dyes, which results in colors that are more vivid and have no flaws, such as spots or black dots, besides not releasing residue (powder) when cut.

Because it is an acid-free paper, it does not get stained when in contact with glue and moisture, nor yellowish over time. Its smooth surface is ideal for print and cut on any cutting plotter.

Another advantage is the excellent printability that the Colorplus® paper offers due to the well-controlled properties of roughness, moisture, water absorption, air permeance and Ph. Due to its fibrous composition, it is an extremely versatile paper, accepts all types of printing and application of different finishing styles. It is compatible with laser, inkjet, offset, letter press, digital dry toner, digital liquid tonner printers, screen printing, silk screen, and hot stamping. It can be used mainly in the following segments: Promotional Graphics, Editorial Graphics, Invitation, Craftsmanship, Envelopes, Packaging and Transformers.

80 | 120 | 180 | 240
66cm x 96cm (graphic format) | 50cm x 66cm (cardboard) | 30.5cm x 30.5cm (scrapbook) | 21cm x 29.7cm (A4) |