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Embalagens Leves

Cardplus: papers for lightweight packaging.


The beauty of rustic in papers with the most diverse weights. 

Cardplus paper has a semi-kraft-type specification and is made from cellulose fibers (long or short). It is recognized for its sustainable appeal and more rustic appearance. The Cardplus line offers colored options, in addition to the traditional brown, which resembles kraft.

Its main feature is high resistance, which provides greater support, making it a more sustainable option to plastic bags. Furthermore, due to its lightness and easy handling, it is also suitable for other types of packaging, such as gift boxes and lightweight packaging in general.

Cardplus stands out when it comes to modernity and rustic beauty when used for different applications in the market, such as: wedding invitations, corporate materials, packaging, etc.

Applications | Lightweight Packaging

Features | Rustic, Recycled Pre-Consumption

Weight | 60 to 320

Size | 66×96, Roll